5 Easy DIY Earrings Design || 5 min craft || Handmade jewelry || Jewellery making
March 18, 2020
Elegant beaded bracelet diy – Jewelry making tutorial
March 30, 2020

Materials & tools:

  • Seed beads 11/0 (gold color)
  • Frost matte round beads 4mm
  • Pearls 4mm
  • Miyuki beading thread 330dtex
  • Beading needle size 11
  • Scissors


  • Elastic rings are a great option when you’re making a ring for a friend and don’t know her finger size.
  • Avoid using very large beads. These cause discomfort.


  • Beads with pointy/sharp edges should be avoided, as these can cause discomfort when wearing the ring.
  • Be careful not to let beads slip off while you work.
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